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emerging leaders program


The IPA, in partnership with Johnson & Johnson, is pleased to announce “IPA LEAD: Child Health Emerging Leaders Program", a formal mentored leadership development program designed to build engagement and leadership capacity among pediatricians within IPA member societies.

IPA LEAD will launch during the upcoming IPA Panama Congress, with in-person leadership sessions, roundtable discussions, networking events, and a host of additional activities tailored to the needs and interests of pediatricia

ns seeking to drive improvements in Child Health at local, national and international levels.

Please join us in congratulating the first cohort of IPA LEAD participants:

Dr. Angela Osei-Bonsu, Ghana (PSG)
In a system where children are typically considered afterthoughts, especially by policy makers, it is hard not to find your voice of advocacy as a custodian of the health of children. We owe these vulnerable children a duty to build and develop our own capacity and skills so that we can speak and act with great authority for their wellbeing. Dr. Angela Osei-Bonsu, is a recently graduated paediatrician from Ghana with a passion for child neurology and neurodevelopment. As an attendee of IPA she plans to network and build on her skill set. She hopes to learn from the experiences of masters in the field, to give some direction to her zeal in the struggle to give a voice to those who are so easily forgotten or ignored.

Dr. Anne Rerimoi, Kenya (KPA)
Dr. Anne Rerimoi is a paediatrician and epidemiologist. She is passionate about creating impact through improved survival and quality of life for children and their families, especially newborns. As an advocate, she focuses on rural communities where she aims to be an implementer of interventions and policies that are known to work, will save lives, and create lasting solutions. Anne is also keen on improving data quality and use in developing countries.

Dr. Bharath Reddy, India (IAP)
Dr. Bharath Reddy is the founder of Shishuka Children's Specialty Hospital to help needy children requiring specialized care. He is a keen writer and well published in the scientific world and in fiction. Dr. Reddy often organizes and performs piano concerts to raise funds for his Foundation, which supports underprivileged children who cannot afford medical care. Dr Reddy is a Paediatric Pulmonologist and Child Sleep Specialist, working in public and private hospitals in Bangalore, India.

Dr. Catharine Mayung Sambo, Indonesia (IDAI)
Dr. Catharine Sambo loves to listen to and bridge two or more parties in facilitating multi stakeholder partnerships for improving child health development. She is involved with public relations and members’ welfare in the Indonesian Pediatric Society (IPS). She is enjoys organizing media seminars and growing IPS social media. She also is starting to work in the media and digital healthcare arena and is hoping to expand in this field. The simplest way to describe her current practice setting is a sabbatical period (which is reserved for a full time job in a digital startup in the near future) with part time subspecialized medical practice in two private hospitals.

Dr. Danielle Ehret, United States (AAP)
Dr. Danielle Ehret is a board-certified Neonatologist whose academic work focuses on the synergy of quality improvement and implementation of evidence-based neonatal care practices globally. As Director of Global Health at Vermont Oxford Network (VON), Dr. Ehret has developed and implemented a new database for quality improvement in neonatal units in resource-limited settings and leads VON’s volunteer program at Tikur Anbessa NICU in Addis Ababa. These two programs have led to the development of the Ethiopian Neonatal Network, in partnership with the Ethiopian Pediatrics Society and the Federal Ministry of Health, and the first advanced practice masters in neonatal nursing program in Ethiopia at Addis Ababa University. Dr. Ehret is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Robert Larner College of Medicine, University of Vermont and Associate Editor of the Neonatal Review Group of the Cochrane Collaboration.

Dr. Fitsum Belay, Ethiopia (EPS)
Dr. Fitsum Woldegebriel Belay is a dedicated paediatrician with immense potential and flourishing contribution to better the health of children. She has successfully managed a Center of Excellence and training program in Maternal and Newborn Health Research. She is currently leading an SNNPR Region ‘Dagu’ project and Implementation Support Team. She is also leading a KMC project, a multinational WHO implementation research project

Dr. Geraldine Norte, Panama (SPP)
Dr. Geraldine Norte’s interest is continuous education for parents and caregivers of children, since knowledge is power and, if they have adequate knowledge, we can act in time in certain diseases and achieve better prevention of others. One of the plans to achieve this topic is through social networks because of the great access that people have to these media. The range is impressive. She is a pediatrician and neonatologist in private practice in Panama. She is a writer and blogger, who is passionate about teaching.

Dr. Kenan Barut, Turkey (TPA)
Dr. Kenan Barut practices pediatric rheumatology in Turkey. In addition to his professional interest in rheumatology, his dream within IPA is to defend the universal declaration of children’s rights in nutrition, immunization, and education. He would like to connect with Turkish, European and Balkan young pediatricians, to encourage them to unify as a young team for the health of children under the umbrella of the IPA.


Dr. Melvin Ramirez, Honduras (APH)
Dr. Melvin Ramirez works as Pediatric Emergency physician in the ICU at Hospital Escuela in Honduras. He handles special cases in the hospital and trains pediatric residents. He developed a training program that helped other child health professionals improve their skills when they treat children in the ER. Melvin is on the board of directors of the National Pediatric Association of Honduras and collaborates on projects of community engagement and trainings courses for other professionals.

Dr. Randula Ranawaka, Sri Lanka (SLCP)
Dr. Randula Ranawaka’s work includes investigating unknown etiologies of chronic kidney disease in children. Dr. Ranawaka is also responsible for launching “Safe Child Sri Lanka”, a national campaign focused on prevention of accidental injuries in children. He is a Paediatric Nephrologist at the Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children, and a senior lecturer at the University of Colombo, in Sri Lanka.

Dr. Santorino Data, Uganda (UPA)
Dr. Data heads the Consortium for Affordable Medical Technologies (CAMTech) and directs the Simulation for Life program in Uganda. He has earned awards and is recognized for his work in programs such as Helping Babies Breathe, Every Woman, Every Child, and the Augmented Infant Resuscitator. He is the Director, Founder, and Principle Investigator at Mbarara University Medical Stimulation Centre for Excellence for East Africa.

Dr. Sayaka Horiuchi, Japan (JPS)
Dr. Sayaka Horiuchi works on project with the Japan International Cooperation Agency and World Health Organization that aim to reduce maternal and child mortality. She is eager to address inequality in child health worldwide; her current research focuses on improving the quality of newborn care in resource limited countries. She is an assistant professor at Teikyo University Graduate School of Public Health in Japan.

Dr. Sebastian Gray, United Kingdom (RCPCH)
Dr. Sebastian “Seb” Gray has a history of leading successful projects to fruition including the PAFTA’s (Paediatric Awards for Training Achievements) and representing the UK in the development of EURYPA (European Young Pediatricians Association). He is passionate about education, innovation, networking and sharing good practices, which is why he is excited about the opportunity to collaborate with, and learn from, paediatricians from across the world. He is a general paediatric consultant in Salisbury, UK with specialist interests in respiratory medicine, high dependency care and quality improvement.

Dr. Smriti Mathema, Nepal (NEPAS)
Dr. Smriti Mathema is a Master Trainer of Immunization Advocacy Champions and dedicated to pursuing projects to develop expertise in vaccinology in Nepal. She is an Assistant Professor of Paediatrics at Kathmandu Medical College and Teaching Hospital. She is the Country Representative of the Young Asia Pacific Pediatric Association, Editor-in-Chief of the “Nepal Paediatric Society (NEPAS) 2018 Immunization Guidebook and Recommendations.”