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Monday, March 18, 2019

  • 07:00 18:30

    Registration Desk Open

  • 07:15 08:15

    Meet the Experts 1‑5

    Dr. Margaret Fisher (USA) | Prof. Johan Svensson (SWEDEN) | Dr. Pramod Jog (INDIA) | Dr. Rintaro Mori (JAPAN) | Prof. David Edwards (UK)

    Meet the Expert 1: Dr. Margaret Fisher (USA) 
    Evaluation of the child with recurrent infections

    Room: La Huaca 

    Meet the Expert 2: Prof. Johan Svensson (SWEDEN)
    Management of common thyroid disorders

    Room: Salon San Lorenzo

    Meet the Expert 3: Dr. Pramod Jog (INDIA)
    Art and Science of Pediatric Practice

    Room: Ibacuet

    Meet the Expert 4: Dr. Rintaro Mori (JAPAN)  
    Research syntheses

    Room: Las Cestas

    Meet the Expert 5: Prof. David Edwards (UK)
    Preterm Brain Damage 

    Room: Portobelo 


  • 08:30 10:15

    Plenary 1: Sustainable Development Goals: A right for every child everywhere

    Prof. Zulfiqar Bhutta (Canada) | Prof. Maureen Black (USA) | Prof. Cesar Victora (BRAZIL) | Prof. Stefan Peterson (USA)

    Chair: Prof. Zulfiqar Bhutta (CANADA), Robert Black (USA)

    Role of the IPA: What does the IPA mean for you and me? 
    Prof. Zulfiqar Bhutta (Canada) 

    The future of child health; moving from survival to human capital development 
    Prof. Maureen Black (USA)

    Equity and Child Health; considerations for the SDGs
    Prof. Cesar Victora (BRAZIL)

    Current Progress and challenges in Implementing the SDG agenda
    Prof. Stefan Peterson (USA)

    Room: Anayansi Theater

  • 10:00 15:30

    Exhibit Hall Open



    American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) 2
    Artes de mi Panama Marketplace
    Ehlers Danlos 6
    Emerging Leader Lounge (supported by JJ) 17
    Gaumard 24
    Genius 1
    GSK 18
    International Hip Dysplasia Institute 21
    International Pediatric Association (IPA) IPA 2021 IPA Lounge
    Mead Johnson 11
    Medicos sin Fronteras Mexico 7
    MSD 15
    Meridian Bioscience 23
    Nestlè 13
    Nutriben 12
    Nutricia 14
    Petrazul Marketplace
    Philadelphia Children's Hospital 10
    Sanofi Pasteur 16
    Save the Children 20
    Sterimar - Church and Dwight 5
    The International Conference of Tropical Pediatrics ICTP 2020 19
  • 10:15 11:00

    AM Break / Poster Viewing

    Room: Exhibition Area 

    • Adolescent Medicine
    • Allergy, Immunology and Rheumatology
    • Antibiotics
    • Breast Feeding
    • Child Health and Survival
    • Education and Training
    • Emergency Medicine and Critical Care
    • Environment Health
    • General Pediatrics
    • Neurology
    • Surgery, Urology


  • 11:00 12:30

    Concurrent Sessions 1‑5

    Concurrent Session 1: Recent advances in TB, HIV, Syphilis 

    Chairs: Dr. Jose Brea Del Castillo (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC), Prof. Andenike Grange (USA)

    Evaluation and management of the patient with tuberculosis
    Prof. Rajeshwar Dayal (INDIA)

    Recent advances in the management of the patient with HIV
    Prof. Jose T. Ramos (SPAIN)

    Syphilis: A re-emerging disease
    Dr. Oliver-Ombeva Malande (UGANDA)

    Room: La Huaca


    Concurrent Session 2: Newborn Health and Survival 

    Chairs: Dr. Oswaldo Revelo (EL SALVADOR), Dr. Dora Estripeaut (PANAMA)

    Newborn Health: Epidemiology and major bottlenecks to change
    Prof. Joy Lawn (UK)

    Caring for the late preterm newborn
    Prof. Angela Okolo (NIGERIA)

    Newborn survival strategies across the world
    Prof. Ashok Deorari (INDIA)

    Room: Salon Portobelo 


    Concurrent Session 3: Recent advances in childhood ventilation 

    Chairs: Dr. Doug McMillan (CANADA), Dr. Alberto Bissot (PANAMA)

    Advances in noninvasive ventilation
    Prof. Somashekhar Nimbalkar (INDIA)

    Management of the airway in the patient with trauma at the emergency room
    Dr. Nobuaki Inoue (JAPAN)

    Emerging technologies in pediatric ventilation and respiratory support
    Prof. Ira Cheifetz  (USA)

    Room: Las Cestas


    Concurrent Session 4: Non-Communicable disease prevention  

    Chairs: Dr. Javier Nieto (PANAMA), Prof. Leyla Namazova-Baranova (RUSSIA)

    Non-Communicable Diseases and Children and Youth
    Dr. Mychelle Farmer (USA)

    Obesity, Diet and Physical Activity: Policies and Prevention
    Prof. T. Alafia Samuels (USA)

    Diagnosis and treatment of the patient with insulin resistance
    Dr. Diva De Leon-Crutchlow (PANAMA)

    Room: Salon San Lorenzo

    Concurrent Session 5: Maternal and child health handbook and sustainable developmental goals  

    Chairs: Dr. Nigel Rollins (SWITZERLAND), Prof. Yasuhide Nakamura (JAPAN)

    MCH handbook flourishing the world
    Prof. Yasuhide Nakamura (JAPAN)

    WHO recommendations on home-based records for maternal, newborn and child health
    Dr. Rintaro Mori (JAPAN)

    MCH handbook program in Mongol
    Dr. Soyolgerel Gochoo (MONGOLIA)

    MCH handbook program in Ghana
    Dr. Patrick Kuma-Aboagye (GHANA)

    Room: Ibacuet


  • 12:45 13:45

    Industry Symposia

    For information about Industry Symposia - CLICK HERE

  • 14:00 15:30

    Plenary 2: Every Newborn: Evidence for closing gaps for neonatal care around the world?

    Prof. Joy Lawn (UK) | Prof. Zulfiqar Bhutta (CANADA) | Prof. David Edwards (UK)

    Chairs: Dr. William Keenan (USA), Dr. Dorothy Esangbedo (NIGERIA)

    Global status, what's new and isn't re newborn health and stillbirths? 
    Prof. Joy Lawn (UK)

    Effective interventions to improve survival and health for every newborn across the world; what's new and promising
    Prof. Zulfiqar Bhutta (Canada)

    Addressing Birth Asphyxia; can we break the logjam? 
    Prof. David Edwards (UK)

    Room: Anayansi Theater 

  • 15:30 16:00

    PM Break / Exhibition / Poster Viewing

  • 15:45 16:45

    Abstracts Platform Presentations 1‑3

    Prof. Olle Söder | Dr. Alberto Bissot | Dr. Mariana Lopez

    Abstract Platform Presentations

    Abstract 1 
    Chair: Prof. Olle Söder 

    Room: Salon San Lorenzo 


    Abstract 2
    Chair: Dr. Alberto Bissot 

    Room: Las Cestas


    Abstract 3
    Chair: Dr. Mariana Lopez

    Room: Ibacuet

  • 17:00 18:30

    Controversies in Pediatrics 1: Is the use of antibiotics necessary in the treatment of diarrhea?

    PRO: Prof. Per Ashorn (FINLAND)
    CON: Prof. Miguel O'Ryan (CHILE)

    Chairs: Dr. Shanti Raman (AUSTRALIA), Prof. Usa Thisyakorn (THAILAND)

    PRO: Prof. Per Ashorn (FINLAND)
    CON: Prof. Miguel O'Ryan (CHILE)

    Room: Anayansi Theater