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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

  • 07:00 18:30

    Registration Desk Open

  • 07:15 08:15

    Meet the Experts 6‑10

    Prof. Miguel O'Ryan (CHILE) | Dr. Diva De Leon (USA) | Dr. Benjamin Gold (USA) | Dr. Oliver-Ombeva Malande (UGANDA) | Dr. Howard Bauchner (USA)

    Meet the Expert 6: Prof. Miguel O'Ryan (CHILE)
    Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy

    Room: La Huaca

    Meet the Expert 7: Dr. Diva De Leon-Crutchlow (USA)
    Evaluation and Management of the neonate with persistent hypoglycemia

    Room: Las Cestas

    Meet the Expert 8: Dr. Benjamin (Ben) Gold (USA)
    When and how should we treat a patient with gastroesophageal reflux? 

    Room: Salon Portobelo

    Meet the Expert 9: Dr. Oliver-Ombeva Malande (UGANDA)
    Update in the management of HIV

    Room: Lorenzo

    Meet the Expert 10: Dr. Howard Bauchner (USA)
    The importance of continuing medical education 

    Room: Ibacuet


  • 07:30 08:30

    Industry Symposia

    For information about Industry Symposia - CLICK HERE

  • 08:30 10:00

    Plenary 3: Children in humanitarian setting; a global priority

    Prof. Elif Ă–zmert (TURKEY) | Dr. Theresa Betancourt (USA) | Prof. Karen Olness (USA)

    Chairs: Dr. Errol Alden (USA), Dr. Colleen Kraft (USA)

    Children in War & Displaced populations 
    Prof. Elif Özmert  (TURKEY)

    Mental Health issues and exposure to violence & conflict
    Dr. Theresa Betancourt (USA)

    Pediatrician's role in disasters and humanitarian emergencies
    Prof. Karen Olness (USA)

    Room: Anayansi Theater

  • 10:00 15:30

    Exhibit Hall Open



    American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) 2
    Artes de mi Panama Marketplace
    Ehlers Danlos 6
    Emerging Leader Lounge (supported by JJ) 17
    Gaumard 24
    Genius 1
    GSK 18
    International Hip Dysplasia Institute 21
    International Pediatric Association (IPA) IPA 2021 IPA Lounge
    Mead Johnson 11
    Medicos sin Fronteras Mexico 7
    MSD 15
    Meridian Bioscience 23
    Nestlè 13
    Nutriben 12
    Nutricia 14
    Petrazul Marketplace
    Philadelphia Children's Hospital 10
    Sanofi Pasteur 16
    Save the Children 20
    Sterimar - Church and Dwight 5
    The International Conference of Tropical Pediatrics ICTP 2020 19
  • 10:00 11:00

    AM Break / Poster Viewing

    Room: Exhibit Area

    • Cardiology
    • Child Public Health, Health Systems
    • Development, Neuro-Developmental Disability
    • Endocrinology, Diabetes, Obesity
    • Mental Health
    • Miscellaneous
    • Neonatology
    • Nutrition, Gastroenterology and Metabolism
    • Pain
    • Sustainable Development
    • Vaccinations
  • 10:30 23:00

    Gaumard Presentation

    Room: IPA Live Theatre
  • 11:00 12:30

    Concurrent Sessions 7‑10

    Concurrent Session 7: Meet the Editors: The Impact of Science Articles in the Medical Practice 

    Chair: Dr. Jocalyn Clark (UK)

    Dr. Jocalyn Clark (UK)
    Dr. Jane Godsland (UK)
    Dr. Nick Brown (SWEDEN) 
    Dr. Howard Bauchner (USA)
    Prof. Peter de Winter (THE NETHERLANDS)

    Room: La Huaca


    Concurrent Session 8: Social Media, Technology and Child Health 

    Chairs: Dr. Linda Arnold (USA) , Dr. Geraldine Norte (PANAMA)

    Use and abuse of social media and technology 
    Dr. Ariel Melamud (ARGENTINA)

    The impact of screen time on early childhood development 
    Dr. David Hill (USA)

    Telemedicine: Access to Experts without Borders
    Dr. Rafael Mena (USA)

    Room: Las Cestas


    Concurrent Session 9: Screening and Management of Genetic Disorders 

    Chairs: Prof. Jean-Michel Guys (FRANCE), Dr. Ivan Wilson (PANAMA)

    Inborn errors of metabolism: Past, present and future 
    Dr. Stephen Kingsmore (USA)

    Recent advances in the diagnosis of genetic disorders 
    Dr. Henri (Han) Brunner (THE NETHERLANDS)

    How to suspect genetic disorders at the pediatrician's office 
    Dr. Salman Kirmani (PAKISTAN)

    Room: Ibacuet


    Concurrent Session 10: Implementing Early Child Development Programmes at Scale: Who, where, and What can paediatricians do? Launch of a new series in Archives of Diseases in Childhood

    Chairs: Prof. Joy Lawn (UK), Gagan Gupta

    Early child development programmes in reality: evidence-based design and implementation 
    Dr. Kate Milner (AUSTRALIA)

    Measuring child development programmes and tracking the money to drive accountability 
    Dr. Vanessa Cavallera (ITALY)

    Practical perspectives on implementation from around the world 
    Dr. Bernadette Daelmans (SWITZERLAND), Dr. Jena Hamadani (BANGLADESH), Prof. Alexandra Brentani (BRAZIL), Prof. Stefan Peterson (USA)

    Room: Salon San Lorenzo


  • 12:30 13:45

    Industry Symposia

    For information about Industry Symposia - CLICK HERE

  • 14:00 15:30

    Plenary 4: Every child surviving: Addressing the unfinished agenda of infectious diseases

    Dr. Anita Zaidi (USA) | Dr. Jose Brea Del Castillo (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC) | Prof. Ramanan Laxminarayan (INDIA)

    Chairs: Dr. Naveen Thacker (INDIA), Prof. Miguel O'Ryan (CHILE)

    Advances in addressing childhood infectious diseases; what are the new frontiers?
    Dr. Anita Zaidi (USA)

    The impact of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Denguie, Chikungunya and Zika in Latin America during the last 10 years 
    Dr. Jose Brea Del Castillo (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC)

    Antimicrobial resistance challenges globally; what can pediatricians do? 
    Prof. Ramanan Laxminarayan (INDIA)

    Room: Anayansi Theater

  • 15:30 17:00

    Concurrent Session 6

    Concurrent Session 6: The Importance of Human Milk 

    Chairs: Dr. Katayoun Khatami Ghazvini (IRAN), Dr. Nigel Rollins (SWITZERLAND)

    Overselling Breastfeeding? Competing for the infant feeding market in the 21st century
    Dr. Nigel Rollins (SWITZERLAND)

    Human Milk Oligosaccharides in Short - and Long-Term Health and Development 
    Dr. Lars Bode (USA)

    IPA and WHO Survey findings for the relationship between pediatric societies and the Infant Food Industry 
    Dr. Naveen Thacker (INDIA)

    Room: Salon Portobelo 


  • 15:30 16:00

    PM Break / Exhibition / Poster Viewing

  • 15:45 16:45

    Abstracts Platform Presentations 4‑5

    Abstract Platform Presentations

    Abstract 4
    Chair: Dr. Dora Estripeaut

    Room: Las Cestas


    Abstract 5
    Chair: Dr. Geraldine Norte

    Room: Ibacuet


  • 17:00 18:30

    Controversies in Pediatrics 2: Special Formulas: Are They Really Useful?

    PRO: Dr. Jose Armando Madrazo (MEXICO)
    CON: Prof. Berthold Koletzko (GERMANY)

    Chairs: Dr. Francisco Lagrutta (PANAMA), Prof. Zulkifli Ismail (MALAYSIA)

    PRO: Prof. Jose Armando Madrazo (MEXICO)
    CON: Prof. Bethold Koletzko (GERMANY)

    Room: Anayansi Theater

  • 18:00 21:00

    Congress Reception | Hard Rock Hotel

    Network. Drink. Eat & Enjoy the best View in the City!