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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

  • 07:00 08:30

    Industry Symposia

  • 07:15 08:15

    Meet the Experts

    Dr. Ariel Melamud (ARGENTINA) | Dr. Benjamin (Ben) Gold (USA) | Prof. Shinichi Hirose (JAPAN) | Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health (UK) | Dr. Xavier Saez-Llorens (PANAMA)

    Meet the Expert 11: Dr. Ariel Melamud (ARGENTINA)
    The Influence of technology in child development 

    Meet the Expert 12: Dr. Benjamin (Ben) Gold (USA)

    Meet the Expert 13: Prof. Shinichi Hirose (JAPAN)
    Update in Febrile Seizure Management 

    Meet the Expert 14: Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health (UK)
    A taste of IPA 2021 Congress

    Meet the Expert 15: Dr. Xavier Saez-Llorens (PANAMA)
    When to use antibiotics in suspected pneumonia 


  • 08:30 10:00

    Plenary 5: Every child thriving: Accelerating progress to address the double burden of undernutrition and obesity

    Prof. Linda Richter (SOUTH AFRICA) | Prof. Rafael Perez-Escamilla (USA) | Dr. Robert Bandsma (CANADA)

    Chairs: Prof. Jay Berkelhaer (USA), Prof. Enver Hasanoglu (TURKEY)

    Nurturing care framework for early child care and nutrition
    Prof. Linda Richter (SOUTH AFRICA)

    Breastfeeding strategies; how can we do better?
    Prof. Rafael Perez-Escamilla (USA)

    Addressing severe malnutrition globally: recent advances 
    Dr. Robert Bandsma (CANADA)

  • 10:00 11:00

    AM Break / Exhibition / Poster Viewing

  • 11:00 12:30

    Concurrent Sessions 10‑13

    Concurrent Session 10: IPA and the Sustainable Development Goals; the Way Ahead

    Chairs: Dr. Errol Alden (USA), Prof. Zulfiqar Bhutta (CANADA)

    Background and genesis of SDGs: 
    Prof. Zulfiqar Bhutta (CANADA)

    SDGs and NCDs 
    Dr. Errol Alden (USA)

    Specific Society Responses & General Discussion Conclusions and Next Steps
    Prof. Zulfiqar Bhutta (CANADA) - Dr. Errol Alden (USA)


    Concurrent Session 11: Recent Advances in Childhood Immunizations 

    Chairs: Prof. Per Ashorn (FINLAND), Prof. Basim Al-Zoubi (JORDAN)

    Polio Vaccination: Past, present, future 
    Dr. Naveen Thacker (INDIA)

    Vaccine Update: Where are we going?  
    Dr. Jose Brea Del Castillo (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC)

    Strategies to scale up immunizations in low-and middle-income countries
    Dr. Dorothy Esangbedo (NIGERIA)


    Concurrent Session 12: Early Child Development: The First 1000 Days 

    Chairs: Prof. Amha Mekasha Wondimagegnehu (ETHIOPIA), Prof. Berthold Koletzko (GERMANY)

    Importance of the first 1000 days of life 
    Dr. Coleen Kraft (USA)

    Evaluating the Neurodevelopment: Red flags 
    Prof. Mohamad Mikati (USA)

    WHO strategies for nurturing care and early childhood development 
    Dr. Bernadette Daelmans (SWITZERLAND)


    Concurrent Session 13: Transition in Health Care: From Childhood to Adolescence and Adulthood 

    Chairs: Prof. Susan Sawyer (AUSTRALIA), Dr. Alcibiades Batista (PANAMA)

    Adolescence: Myth and truths 
    Dr. Ronald Perez Escobar (EL SALVADOR)

    Adolescent's health care: Who is responsible? 
    Dr. Reynaldo Holder (PANAMA)

    Adolescent nutrition: Global strategies
    Dr. Zohra Lassi (AUSTRALIA)


  • 12:45 13:45

    Industry Symposia

  • 14:00 15:30

    Plenary 6: Genetics, the new Genomics and Child Health

    Dr. Stephen Kingsmore (USA) | Dr. Henri (Han) Brunner (NETHERLANDS) | Dr. Ronald Cohn (CANADA)

    Chairs: Prof. Andreas Konstantopoulos (GREECE), Prof. Shinichi Hirose (JAPAN)

    Rare diseases and Pediatrics; 
    Dr. Stephen Kingsmore (USA)

    Whole Genome Sequencing in Pediatrics;
    Dr. Henri (Han) Brunner (THE NETHERLANDS)

    Interventional Genomics: the new frontier;
    Dr. Ronald Cohn (CANADA)

  • 15:30 16:00

    PM Break / Exhibition / Poster Viewing

  • 15:45 16:45

    Abstracts Platform Presentations

  • 17:00 18:30

    Controversies in Pediatrics 3: Is Primary Care Something a Pediatrician or General Physician Should Deliver?

    PRO GP: Dr. Reynaldo Holder (PANAMA) | PRO Paed: Dr. Angel Carrasco-Sanz (SPAIN)

    Chairs: Dr. Jonathan Klein (USA), Prof. Robert Armstrong (KENYA)

    PRO GP: Dr. Reynaldo Holder (PANAMA)
    PRO PAED: Dr. Angel Carrasco-Sanz (SPAIN)