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Thursday, March 21, 2019

  • 07:00 12:00

    Registration Desk Open

  • 07:15 08:15

    Meet the Experts 16‑20

    Dr. Carlos Alonso Rivera (MEXICO) | Prof. Jean Michel Guys (FRANCE) | Prof. Joy Lawn (UK) | Dr. Mercedes Macias-Parra (MEXICO) | Dr. Ronald Cohn (CANADA)

    Meet the Expert 16: Dr. Carlos Alonso Rivera (MEXICO)
    Update in Seizure Management 

    Room: La Huaca


    Meet the Expert 17: Prof. Jean Michel Guys (FRANCE)
    Urinary leaks: What is the role of the Pediatrician 

    Room: Ibacuet


    Meet the Expert 18: Prof. Joy Lawn (UK)
    Kangaroo mother care

    Room: Las Cestas


    Meet the Expert 19: Dr. Mercedes Macias-Parra (MEXICO)
    Neonatal infections: New research on prevention, identification and management 

    Room: Salon Portobelo 


    Meet the Expert 20: Dr. Ronald Cohn (CANADA)
    Newborn Screening for Genetic Disorders  

    Room: Salon San Lorenzo


  • 08:30 10:00

    Plenary 7: From Every Child to Every Adolescent

    Prof. Susan Sawyer (AUSTRALIA) | Prof. Russell Viner (UK) | Dr. Jonathan Klein (USA)

    Chairs: Dr. Aman Pulungan (INDONESIA), Prof. Fügen Çullu-Çokugras (TURKEY)

    The changing age of paediatrics
    Prof. Susan Sawyer (AUSTRALIA)

    Ethical dilemmas in adolescent health care
    Prof. Russell Viner (UK)

    Tabaquism and its impact in adolescent health 
    Dr. Jonathan Klein (USA)

    Room: Anayansi Theater

  • 10:00 11:30

    Concurrent Sessions 15‑18

    Concurrent Session 15: Survive and Thrive: Transforming care for Every Small and Sick Newborn 

    Chairs: Dr. Bill Keenan (USA), Prof. Joy Lawn (UK)

    Transforming care for small and sick newborns: The burden, the progress, the solutions, the importance of data and the path to 2030:
    Dr. Ornella Lincetto (SWITZERLAND)

    Improving quality of small and sick newborn
    Dr. Priscilla Wobil (GHANA)

    Scaling up small and sick newborn in context of humanitarian crisis
    Dr. Maya Vandenent (BANGLADESH)

    Harnessing the power of parents and community
    Ms. Mary Kinney (SOUTH AFRICA)

    Strengthen the capacity of nurses & midwives in care of small and sick newborns
    Dr. Sue Prullage (USA)

    Investing for impact for every newborns
    Dr. Gagan Gupta (INDIA)

    Room: Salon Portobelo 


    Concurrent Session 16: Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Disorders 

    Chairs: Prof. Mohamed Douagi (TUNISIA), Dr. Dorothy Esangbedo (NIGERIA)

    Measles: Reemergence of an almost eradicated disease
    Dr. David Prado (GUATEMALA)

    Yellow Fever: A forgotten disease?
    Dr. Juan Pascale (PANAMA)

    Dengue: Vaccination or mosquito control?
    Dr. Xavier Saez-Llorens (PANAMA)

    Room: Salon San Lorenzo


    Concurrent Session 17: Advances in Chronic Pain Management in Children 

    Chairs: Dr. Pedro Vargas (PANAMA), Dr. Ivan Wilson (PANAMA)

    Pain management in patients with chronic diseases
    Dr. Christine Chambers (CANADA)

    Advances in the treatment and management of headaches 
    Dr. Carlos Alonso-Rivera (MEXICO)

    Integrated pain management in Children
    Dr. Bonnie Stevens (CANADA)

    Room: La Huaca


    Concurrent Session 18: Children with Disabilities, Learning Disorders, Autism Spectrum 

    Chairs: Dr. Jamie Boyd (PANAMA), Prof. Olle Söder (SWEDEN)

    Learning disorders: Practical tips and pearls for the pediatrician 
    Prof. Yoichi Sakakihara (JAPAN)

    The growth and development monitoring of the patient with disabilities  
    Prof. Ikeolu Lagunju (NIGERIA)

    Autism spectrum: What general pediatricians need to know 
    Dr. Susana De Leon (PANAMA)

    Room: Las Cestas


  • 11:45 12:30

    Closing Ceremonies

    Room: Anayansi Theater