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Q&A with IPA 2019 speakers

We are proud to welcome speakers from around the globe who will discuss various aspects of pediatrics at the congress. From lessons learned to efforts being set forth, lots of great content will be shared. With the excitement building, we'd like to share with you a Q&A that we've had with some of these world renowned speakers coming to Panama. 

"What lessons learned in your research or organizational efforts will perceptibly improve global child health? "

Dr. Xavier Saez-Llorens 

"During the past 20 years I have been the PI of many multicenter vaccine trials (pneumococcus, rotavirus, meningococcus, influenza, RSV, pertussis, norovirus, dengue, and polio) conducted in children from Panama. These studies have not only characterized the epidemiology and burden of disease, but more importantly, the safety and efficacy of these preventive vaccines, in order to improve the global child health in our region and worldwide. The polio research is focused in the endgame strategy to eradicate disease in the world." (sponsored by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation).