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Alexandra Brentani

Faculty member
Faculdade de Medicina Universidade de São Paulo
Alexandra Brentani if a faculty member of the Department of Pediatrics at the University of São Paulo Medical School. Working with preventive and social pediatrics, Dr Brentani focuses her work in understanding the impact of toxic stress, social determinants of health and other adversities in early childhood development and proposing and evaluating new approaches aiming to improve early childhood. As Principal Investigator of the Research center on Child Development of the Pediatrics Department, Dr Brentani leads longitudinal studies in the municipality of São Paulo, and in the municipality of Boa Vista in the amazon area. Those cohorts have been used as a research platform to develop and propose mechanisms/interventions to improve early childhood, comprising home-based and School-based interventions.  As PI on several national and international grants, she has experience in conducting complex research projects and focuses her work in evaluating, proposing and translating early childhood development research into policies.