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Andreas Konstantopoulos

Professor of Pediatrics, Immediate Past President
International Pediatric Association (IPA)

Prof. Andreas Konstantopoulos received his paediatric training in the University of Athens. Upon the end of this training, he received the M.D. degree of the University of Athens. He continued his studies in U.S.A., where he benefited from a 5-year fellowship for the TUFTS University of Boston. He was elected Full Professor of Paediatrics of the University of Athens and in 2001 he was nominated Chairman of the Children’s Hospital “Aglaia Kyriakou”, one of the two largest children’s hospitals in the country. He organized the “IASO Children’s Hospital” in 2008, where he served as Chairman until end of 2010. He actively participates in the Greek National Committee for Vaccinations since 1998. Professor Konstantopoulos currently holds the position of President of the Hellenic (Greek) Pediatric Society. He has also served the positions of President of the International Pediatric Association and the European Pediatric Association.