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Angela Okolo

Consultant Paediatrician
Federal Medical Center, Asaba

Formerly Professor of Pediatrics, University of Benin, Nigeria. Currently teaches and researches on Neonatal and Perinatal health. Studied at Lovanium University of Kinshasa, DRC. She is:   bilingual,, a Fellow of the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health (UK),  Fellow of the National Post graduate Medical college of Nigeria and a Fellow of the West African College of Physicians.  She had served UNAPSA, IPA. She has served UNICEF Nigeria and the West African Health Organization as officer for Maternal and Neonatal health. Has more than 100 scholarly publications. Has mentored and trained several Nigerian Pediatricians of repute. As a respected member of the Pediatric Association of Nigeria, she won the prestigious award of the Distinguished Pediatrician for the year 2014! She is, a founding member of the Nigerian Society for Neonatal Medicine, a past President of the Society and currently an Advisor for that Society. She is a devout Catholic.