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Ariel Melamud

Information and Communication Technologies Member Committee
Argentine Society of Pediatrics

Dr. Melamud is a pediatrician, graduated at the University of Buenos Aires.. The Medical Association of Argentina, the Argentine Society of Pediatrics and the National Academy of Medicine of Argentina have certified him as specialist. He made a Specialization in Medical Informatics and a Master in Business Administration (MBA). He was the Webmaster of the Argentine Society of Pediatrics, the Latin American Society of Pediatrics and the Children Hospital Dr. Pedro de Elizalde in Buenos Aires city. Currently he is member of the TIC´s Committee. Dr. Melamud was member of the Organizing Committee of VI and VII World Congress of Medicine in Internet, President of the Latin American Congress of Medicine on the Internet and Chair of the 9th World Congress of Medicine on the Internet. Co-author of the book "Internet for Physicians”. More than 100 scientific papers presented in national and international meetings demonstrate his academic activities.