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Ashok Deorari

Head Department of Paediatrics
All India Institute of Medical Sciences

Heads Department of Paediatrics ,and the WHO Collaborating Centre for Newborn Training and Research. He is a passionate teacher and steers multi-modal educational program in neonatal ventilation,CPAP ,newborn nursing ,quality improvement in Asia .He pioneered web-based education (, ,smartphone apps ) that has helped in dissemination of evidence-based newborn practices globally . He served as Technical expert with WHO/UNDP /UNICEF and to WHO HQ’s for ENAP metrics ,UNICEF HQ’s and WHO Quality of Care Global Network 2014-18. He has more than 250 publications, authored six books on neonatal health. He has been invited as overseas visiting professor ,delivered multiple orations and examiner to multiple universities . He serves as Director for Retinopathy of Prematurity programme for India supported by QEDJTrust UK 2014-19, reviewer & master trainer for Helping Babies Survive of AAP 2013-16 , recently supports Government of India, LaQshya progam for improving maternal & newborn health.