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Dora Estripeaut

Pediatric infectious diseases attending
Hospital del Niño Doctor José Renán Esquivel
Medical studies at University of Panama Specialty in Pediatrics and Pediatric Infectious Diseases:Hospital del Niño, Panamá y Research Fellow at  University of Southwestern, Medical Center and Children´s Hospital, Dallas, Texas. Member of the Panamanian Society of Pediatrics and Panamanian Society of Infectious Diseases. Member of the National Research System and the NATIONAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON IMMUNIZATION PRACTICES  Member of the research group of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Hospital  del Niño doctor José Renán Esquivel  Professor of pediatric infectious diseases at University of Panama and Columbus University in Panamá.  Currently works in the Children's Hospital as a pediatrician and infectious disease clinic coordinator of antiretroviral therapy Child Hospital.