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Ivan Wilson

General Pediatrician
Caja de Seguro Social

IVAN WILSON, MD CV 1. Medicine Studies Universidad Autónoma de Centro América (Costa Rica) 2. Medical Specialist in Pediatrics Complejo Hospitalario Caja de Seguro Social, Dr. Arnulfo Arias Madrid 3. Specialist in Higher Education 4. Master of Clinical Sciences with Specialization in Pediatrics 5. Assistant Professor Chair of Pediatrics, School of Medicine, Universidad de Panamá 6. Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, School of Medicine, Universidad Americana 7. Post Degree Pediatric Program Coordinator, Instituto ISCIS 8. Professor of Mastery in Pediatric Dentistry, Dentistry Faculty, Universidad de Panamá 9. Clinical Obesity Coordinator, Caja de Seguro Social 10. Former President and Current Secretary of Internal Affairs, Sociedad Panameña de Pediatría