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Jean-Michel Guys

Surgeon in Chief
Children's Timone Hospital

Jean Michel Guys has been the chief of general paediatric surgery at the Timone hospital for sick children in Marseilles during 25 years, the president of the French Society of Paediatric Surgery (SFCP) and the president of the European Paediatric Surgeons Association (EUPSA). His research interest is mainly the development of voiding function and the consequences of neurologic urinary tract dysfunction. He is expert  in Pediatric Surgical accreditation and Continuous Medical Education of the French High Health Authority. He is member of the national Council of french medical universities.  He published 4 books, 39 chapters in textbooks, more than 150 articles in peer reviewed journals and presented 360 papers and lectures at international scientific meetings. He is member of International learned medical and scientific societies: BAPS, ESPU, AAP, EUPSA, IPA... He is 65 years old, married and with his wife Danielle they have 3 children and 4 grand children.