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Jena Hamadani

icddr, b

Jena Hamadani is a paediatrician and holds a PhD in child development from the Institute of Child Health under University College London. She is a Scientist at the Maternal and Child Health Division of icddr,b.  Jena is the Head of the Child Development Unit and has been a pioneer in research in the area of early childhood development (ECD) in Bangladesh. Her main focus has been on psychosocial stimulation and its effects on child development, and in her most recent study she showed an improvement of 1.3 SD in cognitive development of children. She has also looked at the effects of food and micronutrient supplementation both pre and postnatally, effects of maternal depression and anaemia and effects of environmental toxicants like arsenic, cadmium and manganese on children’s development. She is an international expert in child development and is widely published.