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Joy Lawn

Director, MARCH Centre
London School of Hygene & Tropical Medicine

Joy is an African-born, British-trained paediatrician and perinatal epidemiologist with ~30 years’ experience including: clinical care, epidemiological burden estimates, design and evaluation of maternal, newborn and child care services at scale, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. Her paediatric training was in the UK, followed by teaching, implementation and research, mainly in Africa, including a decade with Save the Children. Her MPH was from Emory, Atlanta, USA, whilst at CDC, and her PhD at Institute of Child Health, London. Her main contribution has been developing the evidence-base to measure and reduce the global burden of 2.5 million neonatal deaths, 2.6 million stillbirths, and 15million preterm births. She has published <250 peer-reviewed papers including several Lancet series. Her research team works on newborn health, stillbirths and child development worldwide, and heads LSHTM’s MARCH Centre including 200 academics. She is a champion for women’s global health research leadership.