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Nobuaki Inoue

Chief Advisor
National Center for Global Health and Medicine

After graduating Nara Medical University, Japan, Dr. Inoue went through pediatric residency training as well as pediatric emergency medicine fellowship training in the US and Australia. Then, Dr. Inoue returned to Tokyo Metropolitan Children’s Medical Center where he served as a division chief to establish the new training program in pediatric emergency medicine.  Currently, Dr. Inoue works for human resource development in Asian countries. He was also dispatched as a member of Japan Disaster Relief team for the Nepali earthquake in April, 2015 and a short-term expert to Mongolia several times in order to develop training packages in pediatric resuscitation.  Dr. Inoue is board certified in pediatrics (Japan and US) and pediatric emergency medicine (US). As professional activities, Dr. Inoue published several peer-review articles in the area of pediatric emergency medicine. He also serves as a member of committees for Japan Pediatric Society and Japanese Society of Emergency Pediatrics.