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Oliver Ombeva Malande

Lecturer / Paediatric ID Specialist
Makerere University

Ombeva Malande is a Vaccinologist & Paediatric Infectious Diseases Sub-Specialist, and Director of the East Africa Centre for Vaccines and Immunization (ECAVI) – a vaccines systems support, research, advocacy and training program in Eastern Africa. He is a certified ID fellow of the College of Paediatricians of South Africa, holds an MPhil in Paediatric Infectious Diseases & Vaccinology from  University of Cape Town South Africa, a Masters of Medicine in Paediatrics & Child Health from Makerere University (UGANDA), and MBChB from Moi University (KENYA). He teaches at Egerton University and Makerere University. He is a respected book author and has published and reviews for various scientific peer review journals.  His research interests are in vaccinology, immunization, antibiotic stewardship, paediatric HIV and emerging antibiotic resistance patterns in the African paediatric setting. He has received many awards and is a celebrated speaker and presenter at international scientific meetings & conferences.