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Peter de Winter

Pediatrician, Dean and Visiting Professor
Spaarne Gasthuis
The Netherlands

Peter de Winter graduated medical training at the University of Leiden in 1993 (Cum Laude) and started his PhD thesis at the Departments of Pediatrics and Physiology at Leiden Academic Hospital. After a traineeship at Great Ormond Street in London, he finished his thesis on pulmonary surfactant treatment and started  as paediatric training in Rotterdam. His traineeship in Neonatology was in Utrecht. Since 2001 he became pediatrician-neonatologist at a topclinical hospital Spaarne Hospital and was several years involved in (super) regional medical trainings. In 2008 he became Editor of European Journal of Pediatrics. Since 2015 het was appointed Dean at Spaarne Gasthuis Academy in Hoofddorp/Haarlem Since 2017 he is Editor in Chief of European Journal of Pediatrics. He is vice-chairman for the hospital staff convent for chamber of education and science In 2018 he was appointed visiting professor at the Department of Development and Regeneration KU Leuven, Belgium