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Russell Viner

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

Russell Viner is President of the Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health (RCPCH), the leading voice for children and young people’s health in the UK with nearly 19,000 members in the UK and globally. He is also Professor of Adolescent Health at the UCL Institute of Child Health in London, a paediatrician and adolescent physician working with young people with diabetes at University College Hospital and he directs the Department of Health Obesity Policy Research Unit.  Russell set up the first Adolescent Medicine service in the UK and became the UK's first Professor of Adolescent Health. He has acted as an advisor on adolescent health and obesity for the Department of Health in England and for the World Health Organization and Unicef internationally. His research focuses on population health, policy and health services for children and young people. He has published over 200 peer reviewed papers.