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Yasuhide Nakamura

Konan Women's University
Dr. NAKAMURA Yasuhide is a Professor of Konan Women's University and Professor Emeritus of Osaka University. After he graduated from The University of Tokyo and worked as a pediatrician at Tokyo Metropolitan Hospital, he started a global health career to encourage maternal and child health in Indonesia as a JICA expert (1986-88) and to promote refugee health program in UNHCR Pakistan Office (1990-91). He was a Takemi Fellow (1996-97) in Harvard School of Public Health for international health. He worked in Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University (2000-2017). Now Dr. Nakamura is a Professor of Konan Women's University and the President, WHO Association of Japan. He has worked Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Handbook Programs in many countries. He held the 11th International Conference on MCH handbook in Bangkok on December 2018 with 450 participants from 29 countries.